Chilton “unaware” Maldonado was alongside him

Chilton “unaware” Maldonado was alongside him


Marussia F1 Driver Max Chilton has said that he was unaware of Pastor Maldonado’s position moments before the two made contact, sending the Williams driver into the wall.0707LW1D9499

The resulting barrier repairs brought out the red flag and also impacted team-mate Bianchi’s race after the TECPRO crash barrier rebounded into the race track. Chilton discussed the incident with Maldonado in a team statement after the race, saying “With regard to the accident with Pastor, Esteban made a late lunge into the chicane and I could see he was locked up so I had to take action to avoid him, which meant missing the chicane. I rejoined coming out of Turn 11 and the apex to Turn 12 was fast approaching. I was aware that someone was behind me but not alongside me.”

The Brit also shared his views on the resulting drive-through penalty, saying “The stewards determined a drive-through penalty for me and I accept that decision.” He added that he went to see if “Pastor was okay” after the incident and it “made for a difficult rest of the race” for the rookie.

Despite the penalty and crash, Chilton felt pleased with the race and its end result: “Overall I’m pleased with a positive conclusion to the race after what has been a difficult weekend for us. I fought hard in the latter stages to ensure we had something good to take away from Monaco and naturally I am very happy that I was able to get past Van Der Garde on the penultimate lap for 14th.

Team-mate Jules Bianchi was caught up in the Maldonado-Chilton crash, saying “After Maldonado hit the barrier in the accident with Max, the barrier came back out at me and my nose was damaged, so I had just pitted when the Red Flag came out. I was lucky that the damage was only limited to the nose and I could continue with the race.”

However he suffered a failed front right brake disc later in the race that “took me out at Ste Devote.” He concluded that “It’s a big shame but we have learned a lot I’m sure from some of the problems we had this weekend.”

Image courtesy of Octane Photographic