Vettel left wanting more after suffering high tyre wear

Vettel left wanting more after suffering high tyre wear


Sebastian Vettel has said reflected on his race performance, branding it a “good result” but revealing that he wanted more.0665CB1D1520

The German started third on the grid for today’s Spanish Grand Prix but discovered that his Red Bull RB9 was wearing out its tyres more than those around him.

Speaking in a post-race press release, he shared some positivity in the result. He said “I think we can be happy with fourth today. The first three cars were a little but too fast for us and regarding looking after the tyres, they did a better job.”

Tyres seem to be the biggest talking point from the race and Vettel found that he wore his out quicker than most. “We need to catch up; we’re not going the pace of the car, we’re going the pace of the tyres and obviously we do something to make the tyres wear more.” However he was happy with his start, but concluded that “we wanted more.”

Mark Webber’s race contrasted with the one of his team-mates. Whilst Vettel went backwards, Mark moved forwards after a poor first lap. Discussing his disaster of a start he said “I think we got the most out of what we had, particularly as by the first corner I was probably 14th or 15th,” but he was happy with his recovery, adding “so to come back with that result was pretty good.

He too admitted that tyre wear also affected his race, continuing “we were always a little but on the back foot in terms of tyre wear and ultimately pace. If you don’t have the pace then you can’t have the magic strategy.” However reflecting on his drive, he was “happy with how” he drove. Echoing Vettel though, it “wasn’t the result we wanted.”

Image courtesy of Octane Photographic