McLaren refusing to give up on MP4-28

McLaren refusing to give up on MP4-28


0579CB7D9640McLaren managing director Jonathan Neale believes that it is important for the team to remedy the problems with the MP4-28 before shifting their focus to 2014.

Teams are having to finely balance their 2013 challenge with the efforts put into 2014, which will herald a raft of new regulations, and Toto Wolff has recently revealed that Mercedes has got a 50/50 focus on both seasons. Despite McLaren’s poor start to the season, Neale does not believe that giving up on the current car is a wise move.

“I think we will be there by the end of the summer,” Neale explained to journalists at the MTC. “The reality is that what we’re doing at the moment is essential for next year as well. We have to understand properly what is going on with our car, so in terms in some of the correlation problems we’ve had, we eliminate them. The body of knowledge we’re working on right now is really important because unless we nail the understanding right now then that always lurks there.”

McLaren’s poor start to 2013 has come as a surprise to many, with the team currently lying 6th in the championship behind Force India, and Neale believes that it is crucial to identify where the problems have occurred, and subsequently stop them from re-occurring in 2014.

“Sometimes you get an overperformance, sometimes you get underperformance, sometimes you get an unwelcome surprise as we did. So I think it’s really important that we do the proper engineering work now to make sure it doesn’t sit in our system anywhere.”

Neale’s comments will please many who are keen on seeing McLaren improve over the course of the season, but this ‘time to shift’ could potentially be brought forward if the upgrades brought to the Spanish Grand Prix fail to drastically improve the pace of MP4-28.

Images courtesy of Octane Photographic.