Razia confirms talks with Force India

Razia confirms talks with Force India


Luiz Razia has confirmed that he is in talks with Force India over a potential test and reserve driver role.0574LW1D9942

The Brazilian was a Formula 1 driver for under a month after his contrast with Marussia was terminated due to sponsorship difficulties.

However despite getting the door firmly shut in his face, Razia is determined to open it up once again.

Talking to Jovem Pan Radio he said “The possibility is there, Force India is very interested in doing this project. But – strangely enough – I need sponsorship.”

Sponsorship was his downfall during the winter, and Razia admits that it is unfortunate how reliant Formula 1 is on the drivers bringing the money to the team.

“The team doesn’t want to do something badly, they want a project for at least two years: this year building up to be race driver in the coming year.

“I need sponsorship. It’s disappointing to have to rely on it so much to do our work professionally, but that’s how it is.”

The 24-year-old went on to add that he was in talks with Caterham alongside negotiations with Marussia, but he denies that the unfortunate termination of his contract has hurt his credibility.

“Marussia was very convinced of me and so put me there without much security. But I believe Force India is going to want something more concrete. “I don’t think it hurt. The difficult part was only the situation.

“We had the option of going to Caterham, but we chose Marussia for two reasons: they had a better package while Caterham was focusing more on 2014, and because we had several meetings with Pat Symonds and he was very confident.”

Razia, who finished runner-up in the 2012 GP2 series, has so far watched replacement Jules Bianchi impress the F1 paddock with his strong drives. However he feels that he too could have achieved those results. “For sure, I don’t think that would have been a difficult goal for the season.

However he did criticise Max Chilton for signing with the Banbury based team, saying he lacks the experience to race against Bianchi. “I think Chilton has come into Formula One too early, with not enough experience.”

Razia was certainly devastated by the Marussia debacle, but he has shown the determination and grit needed to succeed in Formula 1. We know he is talented and has what it takes to succeed but it will all come down to sponsorship and whether he can find reliable partners to help him take on the Formula 1 world.

Image courtesy of Octane Photographic