Kubica confirms F1 simulator test at Mercedes factory

Kubica confirms F1 simulator test at Mercedes factory


Robert Kubica has confirmed that he has tested in the Mercedes F1 simulator.17302.2

The Polish driver has yet to test a Formula 1 car since his horrific Rally incident in February 2011. The simulator test is the closest he has got to returning to the cockpit.

Despite the Rally accident, Kubica has continued to focus on that form of motorsport. This year he is competing in the European Rally Championship and talking over the Rally Azores weekend, he told AUTOSPORT “I can say yes, I was there,” he said. “But I cannot say how many times or how many laps I did.

“But there is this rumour to which I say, yes, I was in the Mercedes F1 simulator in the past.”

A rival team member spotted Kubica at Heathrow airport, which is where reports of Kubica driving in the simulator started.

Despite the test, Kubica is remaining coy on whether he will return to Brackley for another drive. “”Maybe, I don’t know. But it’s not that every time someone sees me at Heathrow airport I am going to Mercedes.

“I am also at Heathrow for different reasons, it doesn’t always have to be a connection with that.”

He has a good relationship with Mercedes after testing for their DTM team in February. Kubica has also said that he believes his injuries have repaired significantly for him to return to a Formula 1 car.

Image courtesy of Daimler