Extra Friday tyres planned for Barcelona

Extra Friday tyres planned for Barcelona


Pirelli look set to provide teams with an extra “free” set of tyres to use during Friday practice.Tyres being prepared before the Chinese Grand Prix

These tyres would be available for teams running a rookie driver. The Italian firm are closing in on a deal to go ahead with the proposal from Spain on-wards  The plan would boost viewership with more running during sessions, along with giving rookie drivers a chance to make their mark on the sport.

Currently teams are given 11 sets of Pirelli tyres, with one set of the prime rubber being used in the opening session and returned to the firm.

The rookies are expected to be given one set of more durable tyres to help boost the action out on track, which is currently restricted to the end of the 90 minute session. With tyres being the main talking point in the paddock teams are being cautious of how they use them, the proposal will change that.

The idea has reportedly been thought up by Force India Deputy Team Principal Bob Fernley but yet to be agreed to by the FIA and the other 10 teams on the grid.

Talking to GPUpdate a Pirelli spokesperson said “For now the extra set of tyres for FP1 is only a proposal, which initially came from Bob Fernley at Force India, to give rookie drivers who run in FP1 more tyres and thus more running time,”

“Pirelli has agreed that in principal this is a good idea but from what we understand it needs the approval from all teams and the FIA. Should a decision be reached in Bahrain we could bring this additional set starting from Barcelona.”

Formula 1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone sparked discussion over changes to tyre allocations at the Chinese Grand Prix and cited the return to Europe for the Spanish Grand Prix as the perfect place to introduce the changes.

When discussing how rookie drivers need to be better prepared before they enter the world of Formula 1, Sauber Team Principal Monisha Kaltenborn agreed that how the sessions are run on Friday needs to change.

Talking to Autosport she said “I think trying to do something on a Friday could make it exciting for all the people involved,”

“It would be exciting for the fans who would see more cars running there, it would be exciting for the tyre suppliers and it would give teams an opportunity to prepare better.”

Her comments came after Esteban Gutierrez crashed in the early stages of the Chinese Grand Prix.

Image courtesy of Pirelli