Grosjean expecting difficult Italian Grand Prix weekend

Grosjean expecting difficult Italian Grand Prix weekend


Romain Grosjean is expecting the next race weekend on the F1 calendar, the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, to be a difficult one for the Lotus F1 Team.

The fast circuit features several long straights and flat-out sections, which the Frenchman believes will not suit the Renault-powered E22.

“I think that it will be tough for us,” he admitted. “On paper it is not one of the races that we should do that well at. But as always we will be fighting hard and trying to get the maximum from the weekend, so that it gives us good momentum for the Singapore weekend later in September when we should be stronger and the track should suit the E22 a little better.

“We will have a one-off rear wing for Monza and the key will be to make the car as quick as possible from an aero point of view, so that we can get back some of the performance from our straight-line speed disadvantage. Then we have to manage the tyre degradation.

“Also for us it will be tricky in the big corners like the Lesmos and the Ascari chicane because the less downforce you have then the more difficult it is to get good grip in the turns. It is a tough compromise but one I am sure that the team will get the best solution possible.”

The gravel trap at the famous Parabolica corner has recently been changed to a tarmac run-off area for this year’s race. When asked for his thoughts on the modification, he replied: “Parabolica is a very challenging and quick corner so from a safety point of view it is a good thing to have some more margin for the drivers.

“I remember sometimes in the past coming in to the corner and knowing that to brake even a little bit too late then you could be straight in the gravel and then straight to the wall at high speed. I think that now what you will see is the drivers finding the limits sooner, because we know there will not be the big gravel and crash penalty like previously.”

However, he is still a big fan of the historic circuit. “I like Monza a lot because it is so distinctive,” he explained. “Monza is a great track that has a lot of great racing history. This makes it nice for us to compete at a place where all our heroes raced too.

“There is a lot of atmosphere around the track and to race in the setting of the royal park makes for a really special ambience. Of course the Ferrari fans are a big part of it and it is really nice competing at such a legendary venue.”

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  • Boycottthebull

    As long as Renault keeps fobbing off its reject engines onto Lotus they will have problems. I find it hard to believe they suffer more engine problems that Torro Rossi or Caterham even. Then Renault get upity when their bills arent paid. Who would pay for the junk they palm off onto Lotus?