Mercedes duo eager to move on after controversy at Budapest

Mercedes duo eager to move on after controversy at Budapest


The Mercedes duo of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have expressed a strong desire to move on from the controversy which surrounded the Hungarian Grand Prix last time out at Budapest. During the race, the team ordered Hamilton to allow Rosberg through, a request which the Briton refused to carry out.

During the Hungarian Grand Prix, the Mercedes duo were running alternate strategies towards the latter stages of the race when the team ordered Hamilton to move over and allow Rosberg through. However, the German was unable to fully take advantage of the softer rubber bolted to his car and much slower, hence why Hamilton refused to purposefully slow down for his team-mate.

Within the paddock and fan zone alike there was utter shock at the team’s decision, with many jumping to Hamilton’s defence despite the team’s firm belief that Rosberg could well have secured a competitive result had Hamilton slowed. Thankfully for the team and their two drivers the lengthy summer break ensued, with both parties managing to discuss their issues during the immediate aftermath.

Despite the talks which ensued after the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend, both drivers still seem reluctant to be drawn into further discussions pertaining to the exact topics discussed. Although Rosberg remained coy to the media during the official FIA press conference, the German admitted that he learned various things which he will be looking to adapt to for future races. Above all the Championship leader stressed that he wanted to move on after the controversy, and hopes to continue learning along with the team and his team-mate.

“I gather it was a bit of a mess afterwards, after Hungary, so it’s best I don’t add too much I think and I continue to not give too many details,” explained Rosberg. “In general of course we discussed it after the race – just because it’s important to review a situation like that and know how to move forward. Now we’re moving forward but of course, I have also learned various things from that race which I will try to adapt for the future.”

When pressed further about the situation, Rosberg remained extremely coy.

“I don’t really want to go into much more detail than that,” insisted the German. “As I said, we sat down, discussed it all. That is important after such an occasion, such a situation, and then review, if we need to change something for the future and that’s what we’ve done.”

Hamilton returns to the track in Spa, eager to put the controversy behind him.
Hamilton returns to the track in Spa, eager to put the controversy behind him.

Lewis Hamilton was of the a similar opinion when he was quizzed about the situation within the Mercedes camp, even confirming that he had not sat down with his team-mate and that such a task does not necessarily need to take place. The 2008 World Champion has remained adamant that he is happy with the team and how they reacted to the team orders controversy, and insisted that he only wants to move and believes that no negativity or tension currently exists within the outfit.

“I don’t know what Nico said, we haven’t really sat down together as yet,” Hamilton told reporters on Thursday afternoon. “I’m not particularly sure it needs to happen.

“I’ve come here quite clear with what is to be done, I feel quite comfortable with how the team has reacted in terms of the decision they made. We don’t all individually make the right decisions, the teams won’t always make the right decision but the best thing is that we learnt from our experience.

“There is no tension, there is no negativity and I think we just need to move forwards and win the Championship together as a team.”

With Hamilton enjoying his summer break away from the world of motorsport and returning to the paddock full of energy at Spa-Francorchamps, there is no denying he has his eyes firmly set on team-mate Rosberg as the battle for supremacy at the top is continued. In stark contrast to the Briton, Rosberg stated that he would have preferred the next race to take place immediately after Budapest and that he didn’t necessarily need the summer break.

Either way it is clear that the battle between Hamilton and Rosberg will continue gathering momentum as the second half of the season progresses, with the Briton in particular keen to focus on the positives and kick-start the second half of his season with a competitive result around Spa-Francorchamps.

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