F1 regulations too restrictive – Newey

F1 regulations too restrictive – Newey


Red Bull Racing chief technical officer Adrian Newey believes Formula 1’s technical regulations are becoming too restrictive, adding the sport is in danger of becoming GP1.

Newey is regarded as one of the best car designers to ever work in the sport, but he will take a step back from his work with Red Bull’s F1 team in 2015, remaining in an advisory role, to focus on new projects.

Feeder categories GP2 and GP3 use identical cars, with the focus being on the talent of the driver rather than the design of the machine. Newey fears F1 is heading in a similar direction, with less opportunity to be creative thanks to the limits on car development.

“There have been a whole host of factors playing their parts in my decision to leave F1, and a lot of mixed emotions,” he explained in an interview with Motor Sport Magazine.

“I felt it was time to challenge myself in something different and that’s certainly a factor.”

“But at the same time I do think the regs have become too restrictive. We’re in danger, chassis-wise, of becoming GP1. Everybody’s converging on cars that look more and more similar.

“We’re back to ‘paint the cars white and it’s difficult to spot the difference’ – especially next year when we even lose the different noses.”

He added: “I must say, my fellow F1 technical directors have been like turkeys voting for Christmas.”

Image courtesy of Octane Photographic.

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    Man who makes living from designing chasis says he should be allowed to design chassis more ? Shocked. Shocked !