19 emotions all F1 fans will face over the summer break

19 emotions all F1 fans will face over the summer break


Upon leaving the paddock at the Hungaroring last Sunday, I actually felt relieved for a second or two.

After two weeks on the road and five grands prix since the beginning of June, the prospect of a month at home sounded wonderful! “I’m taking three days off,” I told my colleagues. “I’m doing nothing unless absolutely necessary.”

I’ve been back two days, and I’ve spent the best part of my time at home tending to admin and emails, and I’m now writing this article. Well that went well, Luke. Nice backbone.

Yes, the summer break is something of a double-edged sword. Here are nineteen feelings all F1 fans will undoubtedly go through over the next four weeks before the Belgian Grand Prix.

1. At first, relief. “We’ve had SO much racing lately, I’m tired!”


2. You finally get your weekends back; you can see your friends!


3. You can talk about something other than Mercedes’ new front wing


Ooh look at all those elements!

4. Even enjoy a spot of go karting!

Like. A. Boss.

5. Or you could even watch some DTM


They’re racing this weekend at the Red Bull Ring, in case you weren’t aware…

6. But let’s face it: nothing really matches F1


7. And there are still three weeks until Spa.

8. So you pass the time by trawling F1 websites for news


9. Silly season is in full swing – where is Fernando heading?

World © Octane Photographic Ltd

Swapsies with JB?

10. Then you just get angry about the rumours going around


11. So you tell people how angry you are


12. With two weeks to go, you don’t give a damn about anything but F1 anymore


13. Back to the internet. Oh no not the cost cap…


14. Your focus is all wrong – only a week to go!

No answers today…

15. Seven whole days!?


16. “Fancy coming to Reading Festival on Spa weekend?”


WHY PUT THEM ON THE SAME WEEKEND!? (Morganne, Chia, if you’re reading this, I hope you have a terrible time).

17. You’re now giddily excited for the Belgian Grand Prix


18. Why? Because Eau Rouge. That’s why.



19. When the lights go green for FP1, it’ll be over


Second appearance for Barney Stinson, because that guy’s awesome.

Just get ready to ride out the summer break. Formula 1 will be back before you know it…


Even if that does mean that we’re then at the beginning of autumn…

Still images courtesy of Octane Photographic. Richland F1 claims no rights to the videos and gifs used in this piece.