Codemasters reveals F1 2014, F1 2015 to follow on next-gen

Codemasters reveals F1 2014, F1 2015 to follow on next-gen


Codemasters has released the first details of F1 2014, their latest Formula 1 game, as well as hinting at what the future holds for the series.

F1 2014 will launch on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC on October 17th and will recreate the current season, covering all the rule changes, as well as including new circuits such as Sochi and the Red Bull Ring, the current driver rosters and the all-new turbocharged cars.

Stephen Hood, creative director of F1 2014 had this to say: “There’s been a dramatic shift in the sport; the largest shake up in the rules and regulations for a very long time and the new power units provide a very different kind of challenge, for both driver and team. By delivering all of these changes, F1 2014 will make for an exciting and refreshingly different experience.”

Amongst the season updates, Codemasters new title will also contain a refined handling model for users racing with a gamepad, as well as a new driver evaluation system that tunes the difficulty setting to a gamer’s skill, increasing accessibility for those players new to the series.

The game, which will simulate the current 2014 season, is to be followed closely by the release of F1 2015, which will launch early next year across the new-generation platforms – PS4 and Xbox One – and will go on to receive live updates throughout the course of the year, to ensure that the experience of the title reflects the 2015 season as it unfolds.

More information on F1 2015 is expected to follow the release of F1 2014 in October.

Image and video courtesy of Codemasters