Horner: No rush to switch focus to 2015 car

Horner: No rush to switch focus to 2015 car


Red Bull has no intention of writing off the development of its 2014 car to favour the development of its 2015 design, with Christian Horner insisting the team will fight all the way to the end of the season in Abu Dhabi.

While admitting that it would now require a “catastrophic” mistake on the part of Mercedes to hand Red Bull any chance of either championship – with the Milton Keynes-based squad now 178 points behind its rivals in the constructors’ standings – Horner is adamant his team will continue to fight on hard for the remainder of 2014, with little to be gained from an early switch in development focus to next year.

“I can’t speak for other teams but this team will fight all the way to Abu Dhabi,” he told The Telegraph. “Everything we learn this year has a relevance for next year. We don’t give up on anything.

“Every race weekend is an opportunity, and I think Mercedes have got to do something pretty catastrophic to lose this championship. But we’ve got nine further opportunities to develop the car and learn from the car before next year where the rules are pretty stable.”

However, Horner dismissed any notion that the team, which has historically made great strides in progress over the summer break, can reel in Mercedes over the coming months, insisting that the car, while strong, is still hamstrung by its engine.

“I think it is difficult because the chassis, we can see was very strong in the first sector in Germany and in the third sector we were right there,” he added. “The damage was in the middle sector.

“We had a very small improvement with the fuel but we need a bigger step, and that is what we are desperate for.”