Poor result caused by front wing damage – Raikkonen

Poor result caused by front wing damage – Raikkonen


Kimi Raikkonen says his poor run to 11th place in today’s German Grand Prix was thanks to front wing damage.

The Finn twice found himself in the middle of two other cars under braking for the turn six hairpin and on both occasions, he was hit.

The resulting damage caused him to lose downforce and Raikkonen believes this was the main reason why he finished outside of the points.

“Obviously I got twice hit, ended up between two cars and damaged my front wing,” he said. “The endplate came off. That didn’t help.

“I killed the front-left, the tyres were always okay apart from the front-left. We could have run as long as wanted on the super-soft, but we lost performance because of the damage to the car.”

However, he did admit that he felt much more comfortable at the wheel of the Ferrari F14 T over the weekend. “The car felt much better here, more to my liking over the weekend,” the 2007 world champion explained.

“We have a bad second run in qualifying two yesterday but when I was in the race, the car felt good always on the tyres but the front-left didn’t last because of the damage to the front wing and also we lost a lot of downforce. The good thing is it feels more like it should. Even though we are not where it should be, it was still a positive thing.”

He did not feel the need to place the blame on anyone else for the collisions. “No, it was okay, but obviously when I am in the middle I can’t go anywhere,” Raikkonen said. “I ended up getting squeezed a little bit. It wasn’t much but it was enough to damage my front wing.

“I couldn’t go more left as there were cars. Both times it was exactly the same thing. What can I do? I was just there and I couldn’t go anywhere. Things happen but it didn’t help and it was a shame, because there were some good feelings. But that is how it goes.”

Image courtesy of Octane Photographic