Schumacher’s condition “getting better” according to his wife

Schumacher’s condition “getting better” according to his wife

Michael Schumacher’s condition is “getting better” since he was transferred to a Swiss rehabilitation clinic last month, according to his wife Corinna.


It was confirmed last month that the seven-time world champion would be moved to a facility in Lausanne to undergo “a long phase of rehabilitation,” after it was announced he had awoken from the medically induced coma he had been placed following his skiing accident in the French Alps in December 2013.

Following his accident, official updates on the German’s condition have usually come from his manager, Sabine Kehm, on behalf of the Schumacher family.

However, speaking at her first public appearance since her husband’s accident, Corinna Schumacher told the German women’s magazine Neue Post: “It’s getting better, slowly certainly, but in any case it’s improving.”

There is still no update on the investigation into medical documents covering Schumacher’s condition that were stolen last month, and offered for sale.

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Dan Paddock

Dan Paddock

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    ……and according to latest rumours, Schumachers accident was not as serious as previously portrayed to the European public since December, as he was actually working in a fish-and -chip shop in Bangkok since 10 February this year and has made many friends there. Other sources are denying the story, whilst the sceptics are saying it wa a sublime plot by Schumachers management to make more money!