Pirelli reveals concept images of 18-inch tyres

Pirelli reveals concept images of 18-inch tyres



Pirelli has revealed pre-rendered images of its new prototype 18-inch tyres ahead of the concept’s first run at Silverstone on Wednesday.

The current Formula One regulations mandate the use of 13-inch tyres, but following a proposal by Pirelli, Lotus will test the all-new 18-inch rimmed tyres on the second day of the post-British Grand Prix test, in an effort to showcase the Italian firm’s new tyre concept.

Pirelli has long wished to see 18-inch tyre introduced to the sport, to see greater technology transfer between tyres in Formula One and those on road cars.

Charles Pic will be at the wheel of the Lotus E22 on Wednesday, when the 18-inch tyres are officially unveiled.


Images courtesy of Pirelli Media