Vettel: “It was a very weird session”

Vettel: “It was a very weird session”


It could have been the very first pole position of the season for Red Bull’s 4-time defending champion, Sebastian Vettel, but the German was pipped at the very last moment by countryman Nico Rosberg.

0924LB1D3343The 27-year-old took to the track with just over two minutes left, having aborted his first attempt when the rain started coming down in the early part of Q3. His customary trait of pouncing right at the last moment was pretty much worked to perfection this time around. 

“There was no point, so we aborted the lap, because at that time, it was impossible to set a decent time on slick tyres,” who out-qualified teammate Daniel Ricciardo, who starts from ninth place on the grid tomorrow. “I think England is the only country where you can get this sort of rain and conditions and changing so quickly.

“Incredibly difficult to know what was coming, so on the flying lap you approach turn one, which is a pretty big balls corner, so it’s difficult to know how much risk you can take. Eventually you have to take some risk because, especially in my case, I wanted to set a lap.”

Vettel is looking toward another podium and is relatively happy with where he is starting tomorrow: “So obviously very happy that it turned out. Yeah, very positive and starting from the front row tomorrow.”

With a run of nine straight victories at the end of last year, he will definitely want to make progress towards a potential title defense later on this season. 

This could be the start of the momentum that the Red Bull driver needs to help re-ignite a run of form that may see him hit back at the pair of dueling Silver Arrows.

Image © Octane Photographic