Wolff – ‘It’s disappointing, but that’s racing’

Wolff – ‘It’s disappointing, but that’s racing’


Susie Wolff remains upbeat about her Formula One future, despite a premature end to her run in opening practice at Silverstone.


Wolff became the first woman to compete in an officially timed Formula One session since Giovanna Amati at the 1992 Brazilian Grand Prix.

However, the Scot’s maiden free practice outing with Williams was over after just four laps, Wolff’s car grinding to a halt with an engine failure.

“It’s a terminal problem, the engine was close to the end of its life anyway,” Wolff explained to reporters following practice.

“Valtteri had his engine failure in Monaco, so we have to be a little bit more aggressive with his engine strategy, and if he’d been in the car this morning he’d have been driving with the same engine, so the same thing would have happened to him.”

While the 31-year-old admitted she was bitterly disappointed, she insists her focus now lies on the German Grand Prix, where in two weeks’ time she will make her second and final planned free practice appearance of the year, an opportunity she feels she must seize upon.

“It’s massively disappointing, on the one side it was such a good build up to this weekend,” she added. “I’d done so much hard work, so much preparation to get ready for today and I knew exactly what I had to do on every lap out there.

“That’s racing. I’ve known over the years that it can be massive ups and then massive downs as well.

“I’ve still got Hockenheim. I’ve got to go out in Hockenheim and show what I can do. I didn’t get the chance to do that today. I’ve still got one more shot at it, so head up high.”

“I really want to use that opportunity to show, not to speak to everybody and say ‘I can do it’ but I want to show it.

“I think actions speak louder than words.”

Image courtesy of Octane Photographic