Dennis reveals Prodromou to join McLaren in September

Dennis reveals Prodromou to join McLaren in September


McLaren boss Ron Dennis has revealed that aerodynamacist Peter Prodromou will join the Woking-based outfit in September, earlier than expected.


Prodromou, the former Head of Aerodynamics at Red Bull, had been expected to join McLaren at the end of the year, when his contract with his former team formally expired.

However, Prodromou will now join McLaren ahead of schedule, in what is believed to be part of a deal that settled the spat between Red Bull and McLaren over the future of fellow aerodynamacist Dan Fallows.

Dennis is certain that the arrival of Prodromou, who worked for McLaren before he followed Adrian Newey to Red Bull in 2006, will prove to be a boost ahead of the return of Honda as the team’s engine supplier in 2015.

“We’ve got Peter Prodromou joining us in September so that will be a big step,” he said. “It will bolster our revitalised aero team, so I’m not concerned about aero performance next year, it will come right.

“We’ve got a steep curve with Honda, but at the end of the day we were with them for five years [between 1988 and 1992] and won 50 per cent of the races,” he added.

“So I’m not worried about getting there with Honda, it’s just going to be a bit challenging at the beginning.

“This is motor racing, it goes up and down, you’ve just got to keep your head down and keep working.”

However, Dennis dismissed any notion that McLaren were ready to write-off their 2014 season, a year in which the team has so far failed to win a grand prix.

“We never write anything off,” concluded Dennis. “We’re going to fight until the last grand prix, that’s in the nature of the team.”

Image courtesy of Red Bull Media/Getty Images