F1 to press ahead with plans to increase engine noise

F1 to press ahead with plans to increase engine noise


Formula One will move to settle the debate over the current volume of the 2014 V6 turbo power at the post-British Grand Prix test, with a new twin style exhaust set to be trialled.


Mercedes made an initial attempt to amplify the volume of the 2014 power units at the post-Spanish Grand Prix test, fitting an extended ‘megaphone’ style exhaust in an effort which was deemed to have been a failure.

However, following further investigations by a group of FIA employed acoustic engineers working alongside Ferrari, a new alternative proposal has been raised to increase the current engine volume, with a prototype twin style exhaust, which contains ‘megaphone’ elements expected to be ready to be trialled at the post-British Grand Prix in-season test early next month.

Even if the new style twin exhaust proves to be a success it would require a change in the sports technical regulations before it could be formally introduced, with the current rules mandating a single tailpipe, meaning the earliest it could appear would be 2015.

Image courtesy of Octane Photographic