Alonso backs Montezemolo’s criticism of modern F1 spectacle

Alonso backs Montezemolo’s criticism of modern F1 spectacle


Fernando Alonso has spoken in support of Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo, after the Italian criticised the current direction of Formula One earlier this week.


The Spaniard’s comments come just days after Montezemolo criticised the current state of Formula One, writing a letter to the teams, Bernie Ecclestone and CVC – F1’s owners – which calls for a meeting to turn the sport away from its current path of fuel efficiency and cost cutting, which he claims have created ‘taxi-cab racing.’

“I think the president is right in terms of the show we have put on this year has not been good enough in some of the races,” said Alonso, during Thursday’s pre-Austrian Grand Prix press conference.

“When one team is dominating as much as Mercedes the spectators would prefer more action, as they liked in Canada – which everybody seemed to enjoy.

“We will try and put on a better show in the next races and if the teams or the fans have any ideas they will be welcomed to have a better show.”

Alonso admits that in an effort to improve the spectacle of the F1 ‘show’ the sport could learn some lessons from the MotoGP series, with the potential introduction of special tyres and fuel breaks to benefit the smaller teams just two ideas he feels could work, along with the reintroduction of the KERS boost.

“The costs are the biggest thing,” he added. “All the ideas you have are closely related to the costs and it is not an easy thing.

“In my opinion [the use of] KERS should come back to our cars. We have the electric [boost] but we do not have the extra boost to help in overtaking – now we all use the same energy in the same places, so it is impossible to overtake.

“The tyres are a big thing, and a tyre competition it would mix things. We could help the small teams like in MotoGP, and give them a different tyre or fuel in the race, so maybe take an idea from other sports.”

Image courtesy of Octane Photographic