Mercedes and Ferrari to test sparking skid blocks during Austrian GP practice

Mercedes and Ferrari to test sparking skid blocks during Austrian GP practice


Ferrari and Mercedes will both test titanium skid blocks during Friday practice ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix, as Formula One teams look to reintroduce sparks, long since absent, back to the sport in the near future.


AUTOSPORT revealed back in April that the F1 Strategy Group, in its efforts to spice up the spectacle of grand prix racing, was set to propose the reintroduction of sparking cars, as well as active suspension and glowing brakes to make current cars more “visually spectacular.”

It is reported that the F1 Commission has accepted the proposal to reintroduce sparking cars from 2015 onwards, with a plan to run mandatory skid blocks underneath the cars to produce the desired sparks.

As a part of the plans Ferrari will fit two skid blocks to Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari, while Mercedes will fit similar blocks to Nico Rosberg’s car, but in two different positions.

This initial test is the first step ahead of the expected full introduction of mandatory skid blocks, which is set to be ratified alongside a series of other proposals by the FIA World Motorsport Council when it meets next week in Germany.

Image courtesy of Williams F1 Team

  • av2290

    whats next? loudspeakers playing recordings of V10 engines? total nonsense.

  • Jeff Woods

    Exhaust trumpets? Artificial sparks? Why not add undercarriage black lights for the night races? How about some curb feelers dangling off the side? Little flags flapping from the antenna? Give me a break. Just let the cars be engineered for performance and the audience will have to cope.

  • schubastian vettelmacher

    what complete nonsense! next lets add neon lights under the cars and on the drivers helmets, you know, to spice up “the show” that people keep talking about!

  • RealDrider

    And now we get to watch bikerboyz part 2? You wanna spend so much money on tracks? Try more run off for faster cars for the best drivers.

  • hacked off

    if i wanted fake, i would watch wrestling. Its motor racing, not pimp my ride. Sooner these teams get to grips with the FIA sets the rules and they build and race to them or leave the better.

  • Keep it Simple

    Heck – Let’s just see more WAGS and Grid Girls! That’d do more than some crazy sparking cars!

  • Xumithebest

    Give these guys real race cars. All this is a farse and an attempt to regain viewers who are no longer interested in the SHOW…I’m one of them.Give us a break..

  • John

    This just proves how desperate f1 has become, and not to mention what they think of soon to be exF1 followers

  • DB69

    This is the whole reason F1 is loosing so many followers, stop messing about with it and get back to proper cars and proper racing, this is why i left and started following BTCC instead