F1 rejects schedule overhaul, with testing to be cut back from 2015

F1 rejects schedule overhaul, with testing to be cut back from 2015


Plans to alter the current Formula One weekend schedule in a drive to cut costs within the sport have fallen flat after the proposal was rejected by the F1 Commission.

Start of the race with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg Mercedes F1 W05 Hybrid in the lead

The Commission, made up of representatives from the 11 teams, race organisers, engine manufacturers, sponsors, Pirelli and the FIA, met in London on Thursday to vote on a number of proposals suggested by the F1 Strategy Group, including the controversial plan to cut the current race weekend format down from four days to three, removing the opening practice session on Friday morning to reduce traveling expenses.

However, following negative feedback from race promoters, who feared that the reduced amount of running over a race weekend would drive fans away, and see attendances fall, the proposal was dropped.

The current testing format will be changed though, with three four-day sessions to be held ahead of the 2015 season, all of which will take place in Europe, while in-season testing will be cut from eight days of running to just four days across just two tests.

A proposal to ban tyre blankets was rejected on safety terms, but teams will now be able to recoup some of their tyre costs with Pirelli branding to be shown on the tyre warmers at a reported cost of €200,000 from the Italian rubber manufacturer.

The changes will now be sent to the FIA World Motorsport Council, who meet in Munich, Germany next week, to be rubber-stamped and officially ratified, before being added to the sporting regulations.

Image courtesy of Pirelli Media