Ferrari making steps forward insists Allison

Ferrari making steps forward insists Allison


Ferrari Technical Director James Allison believes that his team has shown small signs of progress in recent weeks with a number of successful upgrade packages, although he admits that it will not be easy for the Scuderia to recover from its poor start to the season.


The team has scored just a single podium finish this season, courtesy of Fernando Alonso’s third place in China, and currently sits a distant third in the constructors’ championship, behind Mercedes and Red Bull Racing.

“Every season is dominated by the efforts back at the factory to try to improve the package that you have,” said Allison. “If you’re in front you work to stay in front and if you’re not, then your efforts are aimed at moving your way up the grid.

“We’re not in front currently and we’re doing our level best across every aspect of the car: mechanically, aerodynamically, electronically, every single component, set up wise, everything we can do to try to improve is being done.

“In recent races we have brought more upgrades than usual to the track and this has actually improved our position marginally.

“We just need to keep fighting the same fight, we have upgrade plans race by race.

“If we do a good job with all of those, it will start to tell and we will start to see the Ferrari run more consistently relatively to the opposition and start to look like something we can be more proud of. But it’s not an easy fight, and it’s a fight that never ends.”

While the Englishman notes the upcoming Austrian Grand Prix will be something of an unknown for teams, he expects that tyre management, especially in regard to the super-soft Pirelli rubber, will once again be crucial.

“We cannot be sure what to expect but, as at any of the tracks this year, management of the Option in qualifying will be extremely important.

“You need to ensure you get the tyre prepared for a hot lap in Q2, while being sure the tyre can then cope with the first stint of the race.”

Image courtesy of Scuderia Ferrari