Haas to bring “American smarts” to Formula 1

Haas to bring “American smarts” to Formula 1


0860LW1D2600Gene Haas has outlined his plans to bring “American smarts” to Formula 1 and try to beat the Europeans at their own game.

The NASCAR team co-owner is set to bring Haas Formula to the grid in 2016 after gaining approval from the FIA. Despite the sport being very Euro-centric, he plans to keep the team based in the United States, but will set up a European workshop in the UK that will create 250 jobs in the midlands.

“I think initially we are going to be hiring around 200, maybe a little bit more than that at 250,” Haas told The Telegraph. “We really are going to be an American team. We are going to be different.

“There is no doubt about it in my mind because this is how we do things.”

Haas explained how he wants to bring a new approach to Formula 1, and does not want to simply rebrand a team or buy an existing outfit. Instead, he wants to start a successful American team from scratch.

We are going to learn what Formula 1 is all about but I think we have got American smarts as far as racing and we are going to apply that to Formula 1 in our own way,” he explained.

“Ownership is really the only way to enter the sport in a practical fashion for my company. I think as a sponsor we would lose a lot of marketing pride.

“Quite frankly, I could have spent $100m in advertising and I don’t think I would get as much bang for the buck as I would in Formula 1.”

Haas is thought to be chasing an American driver for one of his seats, having already held initial talks with Caterham reserve driver Alexander Rossi. However, he has also flirted with the idea of giving NASCAR’s Danica Patrick a drive, calling her a “dream driver”.

Of course, there is a lot to be spoken about – and more importantly, actually achieved – before Haas can line up on the grid at the 2016 Australian Grand Prix.

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  • Freddo

    Part 7 of “Make it up as you go along”
    We’re coming in in 2015 – now 2016
    We will use a Dallara Chassis – No we wont
    We will have a satellite centre in Spain – now it’s England
    A Ferrari engine – nothing signed, Forza Rosso will probably use it as they are main Ferrari importer and they will not supply a fifth team.
    The car will be built in Ameraica – now they will apparently purchase 50% from other teams
    We are an American team – how? (see previous)
    “American Smarts” – oh dear!
    And the prize thing – we will buy in the small parts – is that not what CNC machines are for? Or will they come from the 99c store?

  • http://www.rcstreetsource.com j/k

    $100M is just enough to make a fool of yourself in F1.

  • kiseki

    and where are you gonna find a smart american..??