Running in dirty air cooked my brakes – Hamilton

Running in dirty air cooked my brakes – Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton believes that is was his time spent running tucked up behind his team-mate Nico Rosberg that caused his terminal brake failure and forced him out of the Canadian Grand Prix.


Hamilton ran behind his team-mate during the first two phases of the race, before a MGU-K failure caused his brakes to overheat and ultimately fail, putting him out of the race.

Rosberg suffered a similar MGU-K failure on the same lap as his team-mate, but the German managed the ailing Mercedes to the chequered flag, collecting 18 points for second place behind the first time winner Daniel Ricciardo.

As Hamilton explains, he believes the time spent behind Rosberg before his second stop ultimately destroyed his brakes, as the temperatures soared in the dirty wake of the sister Mercedes.

“The thing is I was following him and when you are following someone you are getting more heat – he was in clean air the whole time in front and so there was not much I could do,” Hamilton told reports at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve after his retirement .

“When I finally came out in front everything was already cooked so there was nothing I could do. It was an unfortunate day, but the team still got 18 points.

“We will move on and hope we don’t have any more DNFs throughout the year.”

Hamilton’s retirement, coupled to Rosberg’s second place finish, leaves the 2008 champion 22 points adrift of his team-mate in the drivers’ championship.

Image courtesy of Mercedes AMG PETRONAS

  • Dougie

    No mention of the fact that during the race the team were telling Nico that his teamate was running more rear brake bias, so dirty air and brake bias settings mike be a more accurate answer