Allison: No magic wand to fix Ferrari’s problems

Allison: No magic wand to fix Ferrari’s problems


James AllisonFerrari technical director James Allison has said that the team is working flat out to fix the problems with the F14 T car, but accepted that there is no quick solution to the issues.

Fernando Alonso came home in fourth place for the Italian marque at the Monaco Grand Prix, and Kimi Raikkonen was on track for a podium finish before his race was ruined by Max Chilton. Despite this strong result, Allison is under no illusion that changes need to be made at Maranello.

“In Monaco, we continued to analyse the areas in which the F14 T can be improved and now, we are looking ahead to the next race in Canada, where the package we will use there is a good step faster than the car we raced last weekend,” he explained. “While our development programme has progressed well in recent weeks, it is hard to predict exactly what this will mean for the competitiveness of the F14 T, as we do not know what steps our competitors plan to bring to Montreal.

“We must be able to make the most of the creativity and originality of our engineers. We know there is no magic wand, but there is a wealth of talent at Ferrari and we are working on an implementation and an approach to the work which allows it to emerge.”

The team was expected to struggle in Monaco because of the nature of the circuit, so the final result was something of a surprise. However, as Mercedes continues to forge ahead at the head of the field with Red Bull in hot pursuit, it will take a mighty effort from the team at Maranello if Ferrari is to win a race this season.

Image courtesy of Octane Photographic.