Lauda moves to defuse Rosberg-Hamilton dispute

Lauda moves to defuse Rosberg-Hamilton dispute

Hamilton Monaco 2014Mercedes non-executive director Niki Lauda has said that he will take steps to diffuse the growing dispute between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

In Monaco, the two locked horns throughout the race weekend. Hamilton questioned Rosberg’s hunger to win the world championship ahead of the race, but was left fuming when the German made a mistake in qualifying that denied him a shot at pole position.

Despite the stewards deeming that there was nothing sinister behind Rosberg’s off at Mirabeau, Hamilton was less than impressed. In the race on Sunday, he came home in second place behind his teammate, and has now lost the championship lead. He was quoted afterwards as saying that the two were no longer friends, and that he would get his ownback in Canada by winning the race.

Nevertheless, Lauda is confident that the two can talk about the weekend and fix things, given that they are both professionals.

“They were arguing about it, that Nico did it deliberately, but the stewards cleared him, which for me is the most important,” he said on Sky Sports after the race. “Nico said “no, I’m sorry that I braked too late”. He apologised, which I have to respect.”

However, he said that if Hamilton is unwilling to patch things up with Rosberg, he would have to talk to the Briton.

“I am sure that Lewis will overcome this after one night’s sleep. Give him time. He will sleep tonight, hopefully makes a good party with Nicole, and then speak to him tomorrow and I guarantee you it will be fixed.

“If not, I’m his mentor anyway and if there is anymore issues I will call him and say “Lewis, come on, work it out” because I am supporting both in my ex-driving ideas and sometimes I go against the management.”

It will be interesting to see just how frosty the relationship is between the two Mercedes drivers is in Canada, but for the time being, the advantage certainly lies with Rosberg after this victory in Monaco.

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Luke Smith

Luke Smith

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