The Week in Words (May 19-25)

The Week in Words (May 19-25)


It has been a busy week for the Formula 1 world, with the sport returning to Monaco for the most iconic and prestigious event of the season. But who has been saying what over the last seven days?

“Not only has Australia lost our greatest sportsman alongside Don Bradman, but today Formula One has lost a crucial part of its DNA. In the 1840’s, Thomas Carlyle argued that great men could have a decisive historical impact through their charisma, wisdom and intelligence.

“In the 1860’s Herbert Spencer argued that great men are the products of their societies, and that their actions would be impossible without the social conditions built before their lifetimes. No-one would argue that in Sir Jack’s case both these views are true. The anomaly is that his feats are unlikely ever to be repeated. Let us make sure his immeasurable accomplishments live on. Rest in Peace Black Jack.”

Our very own Trent Price paid tribute to Sir Jack Brabham after the three-time F1 champion sadly passed away on Monday

“We are still in negotiations with FOM. We are a candidate for a date in 2015, but for the moment nothing is signed. We have been working on it for more than three years, it has built slowly but surely, and I feel that the time has arrived to sign this agreement. I hope and I would like it to be done before the summer.”

Could the French Grand Prix be set for a return? The Magny-Cours circuit’s chairman Serge Saulnier thinks so

“We don’t have the budget of some of the other teams, so there is a point up until which we will fight. But Romain is really happy here, he is part of the family, and I don’t think he is planning on going anywhere. His drives last year meant there were a couple of teams knocking on the door to find out what he was doing, and now we’ve the same this year. I’m not saying Romain is going, but what I am saying is that here is a driver who was criticised, and now suddenly people are saying he is a driver who could pretty much drive for any team.”

Romain Grosjean is a driver in demand, according to Lotus team principal Gerard Lopez

“We’ve never been in that kind of position. It’s easy now to look back and say we dominated everything and it was easy, but the way I remember it was a little bit different to that. I don’t think we ever started the season with five wins as a team. We had a different and strong finish last year but if you look at the races and the gaps, I think it’s a different story.”

Sebastian Vettel said prior to the Monaco Grand Prix that he feels Mercedes’ dominance is greatest than Red Bull’s ever was

“Lubricants and fuels are a key ingredient when it comes to the survival of the Power Units that are now a part of the package integrated in the current configuration of Formula One. Reliability is one major factor that the suppliers have to concentrate on fully, but with the fact that efficiency is one of those aspects that is of concern, performance is still key to unlocking the full potential of the Power Units.”

Alex Goldschmidt took a look at the importance of lubricants and fuels in Formula 1

“I remain committed to Red Bull for the foreseeable future.”

A short statement from Adrian Newey, with the design genius silencing rumours of a switch to Ferrari

“It’s OK. It’s funny. I’m used to this, a lot of criticism, it’s normal. When you come from South America, when you have a country pushing very hard on your back and they are used to always seeing you on top in the lower categories. But here in Formula 1 you are not competitive enough to fight for the championship because the cars are different… it’s OK. We live in a free world so people can say whatever they want.”

Maldonado said the criticism that he gets on social media doesn’t bother him

“Ever since 2010, our relationship with Petronas has been founded on the values of true partnership: trust, honesty and shared ambition. In that time, Petronas has become the most prominent energy company in Formula 1 and we have worked as one to develop a world-class partnership in Fluid Technology Solutions that has delivered a measurable on-track advantage in 2014. The result is a partnership that has delivered on every level. It is therefore a proud moment to further extend this agreement and build towards a decade of partnership between Mercedes-Benz and Petronas.”

Toto Wolff commented on the announcement from Mercedes of its partnership extension with Petronas

“Okay, Lewis. We get that you’re hungry. We get that you want to be the very best. We’ve known that from the beginning. And yes, it is true that if you arrive at the circuit thinking ‘well there are some guys out there who are better than me’, you’re not going to win championships. That’s a winner’s mentality, so there is little issue there. Instead, it is his comparison of their upbringings and childhoods that has really got my goat. He’s saying that because Nico was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and he wasn’t, he’s needed more hunger to get to where he is today.”

Luke Smith shared his thoughts on Hamilton’s comments that he is hungrier for success than Rosberg due to the German’s upbringing

“I don’t think that anybody does that [deliberately crash] in modern day Formula 1. He missed his braking and he took the exit. There is no more to add. I know you guys want a spicy, controversial story, but it’s all bulls***.”

Wolff reacted to claims that Rosberg went off-track at Mirabeau during Monaco GP qualifying on purpose

“Wow. What a race and what a result for the whole Team. I am just incredibly happy, but first of all I have to pay credit to everyone at the Marussia F1 Team for making this possible. Nobody knows just how much work and determination goes into our races, so today I am thrilled that I have helped them to achieve their long-held target of our first points.”

Jules Bianchi shared his thoughts on the Monaco Grand Prix after he secured his and Marussia’s first points

Image courtesy of Octane Photographic