Red Bull to change front facing camera on RB10

Red Bull to change front facing camera on RB10


0929LB1D4975Red Bull will run with a different nose design at this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix after being asked by the FIA to alter its mounting of the front facing camera.

All of the teams are required to run with a number of small cameras on their cars that are used for television coverage. Often, incorporating these can marginally alter the aerodynamic balance of the cars.

In order to get around this, Red Bull arrived in Australia with an ingenious design that saw the front facing camera housed internally, sitting above the O of sponsor Casio’s decal. In Spain, it ran slightly lower on the car.

However, the result was that the camera coverage from this was not worth using, frustrating broadcasters. Red Bull insisted that it was complying with the regulations, as there was no article explicitly stating that cameras must be externally mounted. A number of other teams considered following this example, but the FIA has now put an end to this.

Red Bull will therefore run with a different design in Monaco which will see the cameras externally mounted, falling in line with the rest of the field.

Earlier today in Monaco, Sebastian Vettel spoke about his chances for the race weekend, and suggested that third place is the best that he can hope for given the pace of the Mercedes drivers so far this season.

Image courtesy of Octane Photographic.

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