Rosberg – new style ‘megaphone’ exhaust a failure

Rosberg – new style ‘megaphone’ exhaust a failure


Mercedes’ attempts to up the volume of the current engines with a new style exhaust has been a failure, Nico Rosberg has reported.


The Brackley-based outfit became the first team to trial a new ‘megaphone’ exhaust on Wednesday, in response to criticism over the reduced volume of the new for 2014 1.6 litre V6 turbo power units.

Rosberg ran back-to-back tests with the new exhausts fitted to the W05 in the morning, before switching back to a more conventional exhaust set-up in the afternoon.

“Unfortunately it didn’t change anything so we need to keep pushing,” he explained. “We want to, as a team, make things louder for the sport.

“We need to keep pushing and try some other solutions because this was not the right solution. It was the same – nothing.”

While the new style exhausts disappointed, Rosberg did at the very least feel that he had made some progress on his one major weakness this year, the brakes.

“We worked on the brakes, for example, because that’s one area where I’m not that comfortable this year, so we were working on different solutions for that.

“There were a lot of interesting findings on there, but other than that there were a lot of different engine stuff and all these things.

“It’s so valuable, a day like this. At a race weekend you can’t test anything like this because not one run is the same as the next and on a day like this everything can be the same, with new tyres and the same fuel.

“You learn so much.”

Image courtesy of Octane Photographic