The Week in Words (Mar 31 – Apr 6)

The Week in Words (Mar 31 – Apr 6)


With just a few days separating the second round of the 2014 season in Malaysia and the Bahrain Grand Prix, it has been a busy week in the F1 world. But who has been saying what over the last seven days?

“It was a perfect weekend for the Brit after a difficult season opener. He looked fast in both the wet and the dry, storming to pole, setting the fastest lap in the race and winning by a country mile. A faultless drive.”

Our very own Jack Leslie gave Lewis Hamilton 10 out of 10 in his Malaysian Grand Prix driver ratings

“Looking at their pace, their car is just as quick as ours through the corners and just a little bit slower on the straights. I have no doubts at all that Renault are going to fix that and when they do you are going to see a big race between us and the Bulls.”

Lewis Hamilton said after Malaysia that Red Bull’s car is just as fast as the Mercedes W05 through the turns

“Sebastian doesn’t need to be censored as some have suggested, but there is a certain amount of prudence that must be observed when it comes to criticizing aspects of your source of income. No one is going to be fired over this (and wouldn’t that be the story of the year?), but I do believe it needs to be addressed in some way.”

Chris Cassingham explained why Vettel is best to keep schtum over the engine sound debate

“I think Haas will be accepted. They have got the money but it’s a question of whether they are going to spend it. A billion would last a new team owner four years. I’ve spoken to Haas but I don’t know what they are going to do. It’s America, so I don’t know.”

Bernie Ecclestone has tipped Gene Haas’ American F1 project to join the grid in 2015

“I’ve learned a lot along the way, as you can imagine, racing for 14 years in Formula One. The thing that surprises me is how quickly it goes by. Fifty races ago I was in Hungary, celebrating my 200th Grand Prix – which I won by the way. So, it’s amazing how time flies. You really do have to enjoy every moment of it as much as you can.”

Jenson Button reflected on his F1 career ahead of his 250th GP start

“What’s happened last weekend, I didn’t expect it and it was not correct and the team knows that. Team orders is part of our sport, you know. But it needs to be part of our sport when it’s necessary.”

Felipe Massa made his thoughts on team orders clear after Malaysia

“Michael is making progress on his way. He shows moments of consciousness and awakening. We are on his side during his long and difficult fight, together with the team of the hospital in Grenoble, and we keep remaining confident.”

Michael Schumacher’s manager released a cautiously positive statement on his condition

“Red Bull have removed the cascade elements from the front wing in a bid to decrease drag and raise top speed. The cascade winglets and vanes manage airflow around the front tyre but create blockage to oncoming airflow. Whilst the devices optimise airflow and further enhance components downstream, removing them will not cost them too much peak downforce.”

Our tech expert Will Tyson looked at some of the updates that were brought to Bahrain

“This podium is an amazing achievement and one of the most special results in my whole career. This is a massive confidence boost, especially after the very hard season I had last year, and it was the hardest-fought podium I ever had.”

Sergio Perez was rightfully delighted to score his first podium since the 2012 Italian Grand Prix in Bahrain

“Although we did all we could, we can’t be happy with our level of performance and now our sole focus must be on working day and night. The season is in its early stages and I think we can stage a recovery. We have the resources and the potential to do it and it’s all down to us.”

Fernando Alonso believes Ferrari can recover after a disappointing start to 2014

“It was an awesome race; it was exciting. We got close to the podium today, I think within half a second, so I was doing all I could. The car came to me as the race went on and I was happy with how I moved up through the pack, so a good day. It was good fun to race Sebastian [Vettel], it was hard but fair and we left each other room.”

Daniel Ricciardo was pleased to finish fourth in the Bahrain Grand Prix after starting in 13th

Image courtesy of Red Bull/Getty Images


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