Red Bull submits Ricciardo appeal to the FIA

Red Bull submits Ricciardo appeal to the FIA


Australian F1 Grand Prix - PreviewsRed Bull Racing has formally lodged an appeal against Daniel Ricciardo’s disqualification from the Australian Grand Prix last weekend, having submitted the required paperwork within the four-day window.

After qualifying and finishing in second place at Albert Park, Ricciardo was disqualified after his car was deemed to have used too much fuel in too little time, breaking the maximum flow of 100kg/h. You can read a full summary of his disqualification here.

However, Red Bull immediately sought to clear its name over the affair, claiming that the FIA fuel sensor – which was changed on Saturday after qualifying – had given an incorrect reading. The team instead opted to use its own sensor which showed that Ricciardo ran at under the 100kg/h limit, and therefore was legal.

It has since transpired that race director Charlie Whiting did warn Red Bull about excessive fuel usage, and although the other ten teams did have reservations about the FIA’s measurements, they did heed to the warnings given. After five hours of deliberations on Sunday night in Melbourne, the stewards eventually excluded Ricciardo from the final results, leaving the defending world champions pointless come the end of the weekend.

The team has now formally lodged an appeal against Ricciardo’s disqualification, meaning that the FIA’s court of appeal will have to schedule a hearing to make a decision about the case. Therefore, it is unlikely that we will know the true result of the Australian Grand Prix until after the races in Malaysia and Bahrain at the very earliest.

Image courtesy of Red Bull Racing/Getty Images.


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