FIA backs fuel flow sensor manufacturer

FIA backs fuel flow sensor manufacturer


The company that manufactures and supplies Formula 1 with the fuel flow sensors at the centre of Daniel Ricciardo’s exclusion from the Australian Grand Prix says it has backing from the FIA.477191467KR00173_Australian

The Australian driver lost his second place finish at the Albert Park Circuit after stewards found that his car had consistently exceeded the maximum 100kg/h fuel flow limit during the 2014 season opener.

However, Gill Sensors – the company that produces the fuel flow meters – said in a statement that it has full backing from F1’s governing body: “Following the Australian Grand Prix last weekend, the FIA have provided Gill Sensors with positive feedback on the performance of the fuel-flow meter, confirming their confidence in the development and stating the meters meet the FIA’s accuracy specification.

“The meter development included an extensive testing programme, which involved liaising with many of the F1 teams for their valuable feedback on meter design and functionality. Meter calibration is handled by the FIA’s third-party calibration company. The meters utilise ultrasonic technology which was selected for its resilience in extreme operating conditions.”

Ths statements comes off of the back of some scathing criticism from Red Bull’s Christian Horner following Ricciardo’s exclusion from the race on Sunday.

Red Bull has until midday on Thursday to lodge a formal appeal with the FIA against Ricciardo’s exclusion. Several other teams has concerns over the sensors but opted to follow the FIA’s instructions.

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