FIA to address nose design for 2015

FIA to address nose design for 2015


Charlie Whiting has promised that the FIA will revisit the current regulations and address 2014’s ugly nose designs for next season.0882LB1D0341

The rule change to lower the tip of the nose was brought in this season to avoid cars launching over the top of one another and to improve driver safety in the event of a side impact.

However, the expected outcome from the FIA has failed to be met, particularly with the likes of Toro Rosso, Caterham and Force India going for an ‘anteater’ style design, and Lotus choosing a double-tusk for its E22.

Some of the regulation interpretations have prompted questions about their safety despite passing crash tests. The sport’s governing body is satisfied that the current designs are safe, but Whiting confirmed in Australia that tweaks will be made for 2015 to get rid of the unusual solutions on the current grid.

“A lot of teams have come up with a solution which is not quite what we intended,” he said.

“The [nose tip] bits are less structural than we would have liked, but the fully structural part of the noses is significantly lower than it was last year.

“I think on average it would be 200mm lower than it was last year. OK it has not worked exactly as we had hoped it might, but it will be a significant improvement over last year and it will be addressed for next year.”

Image courtesy of Octane Photographic


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