Brundle: Double points “a random compromise”

Brundle: Double points “a random compromise”


Former F1 driver and current Sky Sports F1 commentator Martin Brundle has shared his views on the controversial double points rule, saying the new regulation looks like a “random compromise.”World © Octane Photographic Ltd.

The Brit also discussed who the new rule changes will benefit and his expectations for the 2014 season with invited media at Sky Sports F1 press day.

When asked what his views are on double points, he replied: “I’m not as hung up on it as some people. It isn’t spoiling my life. I don’t like it as it just smacks of being a random compromise. If you are going to restructure F1, it should be a complete thought process.

“If you want to change it for changing tastes, media or age groups – I don’t think F1 is engaging young people enough for a number of reasons – you need to think of the whole concept. I almost imagine that was on the end of an agenda between the F1 teams and Bernie. The first 75 per cent of the day would have been on money and then, there would have been a load of things they had to rush through at the end of the day before they left and that was one of them. Bernie wanted three, they wanted none and they agreed on one, it was a compromise.”

He added: “I’m uncomfortable that Abu Dhabi appears to be twice as important as Monaco, Silverstone, Monza or Spa. It doesn’t feel right to me.”

Which drivers will the new 2014 regulations favour? “The thinking driver,” he replied. “One of the big stories of this year for me that I’m going to cover on Sky Sports F1 is the young driver. What about the likes of Magnussen, Kvyat and Ricciardo moving up to Red Bull? Will they be hanging on to these new cars early on and make more of them or will the old, wise heads rule the roost.

“I have got a feeling it is about experience this year, as the cars will be quite hard to drive from time to time in wet conditions, slippery conditions, when the tyres are not up to temperature. The first half of the season is going to be all about the car and I’m hoping the second half will be all about the driver – which is what it need to be really, supported by the car. But from the beginning it is all going to be about the cars.”

Brundle, who will be joined on the Sky Sports F1 punditry team by Bruno Senna at seven races this year, is looking forward to seeing how McLaren rookie Kevin Magnussen fares and believes the first few rounds of 2014 will be dominated by Mercedes-powered cars.

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