Fresh doubt raised over future of German GP

Fresh doubt raised over future of German GP


0750AU8I0367The German Grand Prix is once again coming under threat after Bernie Ecclestone revealed that he has failed in an attempt to buy the cash-strapped Nurburgring.

Currently, the race alternates between the Nurburgring and Hockenheim, with the latter set to host this year’s event. However, officials at Hockenheim are unwilling to commit to holding the race every year due to financial concerns, meaning that if the Nurburgring were to withdraw from F1, the German GP would also.

“The German Grand Prix is in trouble because they haven’t got any money,” Ecclestone explained to City AM. “It is in trouble because it used to be supported by the council but now the European Commission has said people can’t use that sort of money for this sort of thing.

“On Wednesday they are going to make up their mind whether to accept the offers. None is from me. When I go to an auction I want to leave a bid, which is what I did, and somebody could offer more. I don’t know what’s happening there.”

If a buyer for the circuit is found and they are willing to commit to hosting the race in the future, then the German GP may be safe for the time being. However, this long-running saga is only rumbling on.

It would be a travesty for such a historic and important race – and, equally, such a historic and important circuit in the form of the Nurburgring – to drop off the calendar.

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