Hill in favour of double points

Hill in favour of double points


1996 Formula 1 world champion Damon Hill has shared his support for the introduction of double points for the final round of the 2014 season in Abu Dhabi.World © Octane Photographic Ltd.

The new regulation was announced late last year and has had a largely negative reaction from fans, as well as in F1 circles – with four-time champion Sebastian Vettel even branding it “absurd”.

The positive response from the Sky Sports F1 pundit bucks the general trend. “If you go to Wimbledon and you are in a knock-out competition it then gets more crucial and more important the closer you get to the final – and the final is worth a lot more points than the first round,” he told Sky Sports News.

“Personally, I don’t see what the story is about. Winning the World Championship is the goal and if it gets more and more intense towards the end, and there is more at stake at the end of the championship, then that should be more exciting.”

He also shared his thoughts on the new Formula 1 machinery, following one of the biggest technical shake-ups that the sport has ever seen. “The new engines are going to be a big technical challenge and the drivers seem interested in the torque that they deliver,” he said. “There’s a question mark about the noise – I like the sound but perhaps they could be louder than they are.

But it’s still Formula 1, the cars are still incredibly powerful and incredibly fast and they are going to be racing them with everything they have got. There will be more chance for other teams to pick up points and I think it will be harder for any individual team and driver combination to be consistent throughout the season and in that way I think it will be more unpredictable.”

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