FIA confirms cost cut plans and updated regulations

FIA confirms cost cut plans and updated regulations


The FIA has announced a number of updates to the 2014 and 2015 Formula 1 regulations following a meeting of the World Motor Sport Council in Geneva today.0228CB1D9885

The sport’s governing body also confirmed that the introduction of cost control and reduction regulations for 2015 was unanimously agreed to yesterday at a meeting of the F1 Strategy Group, which was attended by FIA president Jean Todt, Bernie Ecclestone and F1 team representatives. These plans will now be presented to the World Motor Sport Council in June.

Several amendments to the 2014 Sporting Regulations have been made, although these are all subject to ratification. Stewards will be able to impose a five-second penalty which can be taken prior to work being done in a pit stop, team personnel will all be required to wear head protection during qualifying and the race and teams will be given six curfew ‘jokers’ – an increase from the previous two that each team had – to allow “more flexibility for working on the new engines and cars.”

Drivers will not be able to stop on the slowing down lap to conserve fuel for sampling. One minor 2014 Technical Regulation change proposed by the World Motor Sport Council has been increasing the weight limit from 690kg to 691kg to take into account the heavier 2014 Pirelli tyres.

In the 2015 Sporting Regulations, a team will not need to design and manufacture suspension and brake ducts to be considered a constructor. On the technical side, the cars minimum weight will be increased to 701kg and “the front part of the chassis will not be able to climb too steeply rearward of the front of the chassis” for safety reasons. Also, all tyre heating devices will be banned from 2015 onwards.

No reference to the controversial double points rule in the update means the new regulation will go ahead in 2014.

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