Rules summit called for F1 teams

Rules summit called for F1 teams


0797LW1D0708Formula One teams have been called to a summit set to take place on the 22nd of January to discuss the progress and framing of future rules, specifically a cost cap.

While no official agenda has been set, it is most likely that the issue of cost and expenditures in the sport will be highly debated, with the proposed cost cap of 2015 posing some major issues.

The main point of contention about the cost cap is what aspects of team activity will be restricted by it, as in whether an actual budget cap needs to be implemented or whether the way prize money is distributed needs reformation. Teams hope to reach an agreement over this by June of this year, as AUTOSPORT understands.

To avoid missing this unspecific deadline, the FIA has tried to maintain momentum going into the new season of radical regulations. Getting bogged down in understanding and operating under the new regulations could seriously dent aims of progressing into the new era further, when cost will become increasingly important.

Perhaps the greatest challenge concerning the cost cap will be deciding how to implement it in a way that is not only agreed upon by all the teams, but actually beneficial to them. Should the limits of the cost cap remain too high, smaller teams will reap no benefit from them, while the top teams will just compete with a smaller budget.  A few ideas have been thrown around recently by the likes of Caterham, Lotus’s Eric Boullier and Ferrari’s Stefano Domenicali, but the meeting in Geneva on the 22nd will hopefully serve to quell any potential disagreement.


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