Surtees: Double points “totally and utterly wrong”

Surtees: Double points “totally and utterly wrong”


“Totally and utterly wrong” is how 1964 Formula 1 world champion John Surtees has described the new double points rule for the season finale that will debut in 2014.0567CJ0148

The FIA announced the revised 2014 regulations last December. The 79-year-old, who has taken world titles on both two and four wheels, believes the new rule is a “gimmick” that is not in the true spirit of the sport. “It must be purely a commercial gimmick. I think it’s totally and utterly wrong,” he told NBC Sports.

“This means of trying to artificially change the results of championships or races is something which is not in the true spirit of what we should be trying to achieve.”

He went on to discuss the potential running order for the up-coming 2014 season. “[It is] very difficult to say,” he said. “It would depend largely how the engine side develops. When you go along and see the complete way that the Red Bull team is operated and its structure, and you have a driver like Sebastian Vettel who has been superb in every area and the way he attacks his racing is something which is an example to all these young drivers I think, they must have a chance to be right at the top.

“Ferrari, with the opportunity to develop the new engines and going back to V6s, there’s a chance for them. I’m not quite so sure how the relationship with Alonso and Raikkonen will work. It’s not the one I would necessarily have chosen, but just the same, they’ll be there.

He is expecting the Silver Arrows to challenge at the front: “Mercedes, also. I don’t like what I’ve seen happening at Mercedes, this juggle that’s taking place and people like Ross Brawn going. But just the same, they have immense resources and some very good people, and two very capable drivers.

“McLaren’s last year with Mercedes will be trying to lift up their game. It’s going to be very interesting, and the first race everyone will eagerly watch how things develop.”

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