Opportunities to get it wrong “massive” in 2014 – Fry

Opportunities to get it wrong “massive” in 2014 – Fry


Ferrari’s engineering director Pat Fry believes Formula 1 teams have a “massive opportunity” to get things wrong in 2014, due to the dramatic new regulations.0815CB7D5550

As well as the new 1.6 litre V6 Turbo engines, teams will also face the difficult task of designing a car for the new aerodynamic rules and cooling requirements. Fry believes the latter area will be particularly tricky

“I think it is one of those years where you need to be developing your car rather than fixing cooling problems,” he told AUTOSPORT. “At the start of each year when you get the cooling wrong, a huge amount of resource goes into fixing radiators, bodywork and everything like that.

“I am sure we have done it here [at Ferrari] in the past and we’ve done it at my former team [McLaren] in the past, where you waste the first couple of months.

“With the 2014 changes it is going to be even more dramatic – and the opportunities for getting it wrong are going to be massive. Hopefully we have got our sums right, but there will be a lot of people scratching their heads in January.”

He is expecting each team to produce very different looking cars this season. “Cooling is always going to be a challenge with the level of cooling that next year’s car needs, and trying to integrate physically that much stuff into the car in a neat package is quite challenging,” he said. “I think it will be interesting and there will be some dramatic differences in cars for once. Some people will be pretty busy I think.”

Fry also expects the new front wing to cause some headaches too. “The front wing and the way you deal with the endplates needs to be different,” he added. “It is a bit like when we went wider on the front wing [for 2009]. It was a disaster to start with but then you get on top of it.”

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