Alain Prost excited by technical changes

Alain Prost excited by technical changes


Alain Prost, Goodwood Festival of Speed
Prost at the 2012 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Four-time world champion Alain Prost is pleased to see the seismic change in the technical regulations for the 2014 Formula One season, believing that it will breathe new life into the sport.

For next season, V8 engines will be replaced by turbocharged V6 power units, and many other changes to the technical regulations look to shake up the pecking order of the sport. In Prost’s eyes, this will make the sport far less predictable and more appealing to both drivers and fans.

“The teams have a lot to do early in the season,” he explained to Autohebdo. “This revival fascinates me. It will be different, but I do not think it will be negative.

“We’re going back to the essence of the competition, which we had lost a little bit. Over the past years it was very difficult to know who had the best engine. In 2014, the best combination of chassis and engine will be the one who gets the best results.”

Prost is so impressed by the regulations changes that he would like to be able to race in this era of Formula One, having not felt so strongly over the past decade or so.

“Over the past few seasons, I’ve never said: “it would be nice to drive now”, but for 2014, I would absolutely like to be.”

There has been a certain element of skepticism regarding the new regulations from fans who believe that some of the close-nit racing that we have seen over the past few years will be lost, as well as the throaty sound of the V8 engine. However, the alterations instead have the potential to shake up the pecking order in the sport once again, with the last great change coming in 2009 as Brawn GP leaped from the back of the grid to both world titles and Red Bull emerged from midfield obscurity.

Prost’s involvement in Formula One has not subsided since his retirement after winning his fourth world title in 1993. The Frenchman purchased Ligier ahead of the 1997 season and rebranded it under his own name, but the team folded at the end of 2001. Since then, he has remained a presence in the paddock, most recently working as an ambassador for Renault.

Image courtesy of Octane Photographic.


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