The Week in Words (23-29 Dec)

In a new feature, we take a look back at the previous seven days of F1 news and features, picking out some of the notable quotes and sayings.

Kovalainen-Hungary-2013“I will have a normal F1 driver’s winter. The only difference to previous years is that I do not currently have a contract for next season. The most serious negotiations are with Caterham. But all the different factors need to come together. In any case, it should be clarified by the end of January, when the tests begin. But I am not going to end my career.”

Heikki Kovalainen talking about his future.

“We don’t compare ourselves with Formula One. We love Formula One. Formula One is, I think, the best championship really in the world of racing. But Formula E is different. We want to position it in a different way. So it’s not better or worse, it’s just different. It’s like comparing skiing and snowboarding.”

Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag talking to Richland F1.

“I think he could be a bit of a surprise because he is very quick. He is going to have a lot to learn but I think he will surprise quite a few people with the pace he has. He has dragged massive qualifying performances out of the Toro Rosso, which obviously is sub-standard, and he has continued to impress us with how he has raced, how he has delivered and performed with the tools at his disposal.”

Christian Horner talking about new signing Daniel Ricciardo.

“2014 will be a different season to what we are used to – new engines, very different tyres, and the car in general will be different to drive. It’s a new era in Formula 1. For us drivers it’s interesting to have something new, to have changes in the sport so it never gets boring. There are chances at the first few races to get it right or maybe mess it up. I see big chances for smaller teams to reach exceptional results at the early races. Maybe a podium is in reach, you never know.”

Adrian Sutil talking about the rule changes for 2014.

“I just hope it doesn’t split the cars too much, because what we had the last couple of years was a very tight battle between a lot of teams. But I don’t think that is entirely fair because if you look back, it has always been like it has been the last five Vettel 15-10or six years. We have had very close championships, then we had championships which were not that close. But that is the way F1 has been in the past and it will probably continue like that in the future.”

Seb expresses a wish for close racing…

“2013 was without doubt Mercedes’ best year since their return to the sport four years ago, with second in the Constructors’ Championship a just reward for the changes the team implemented during the off-season, after the utter disappointment of 2012. With the successful pairing of Hamilton and Rosberg set to be renewed in 2014, and with the Mercedes power plant rumoured to be the engine to have next year, expect to see the Mercedes team at the front of the field once again as Formula One enters a new era.”

Richland F1′s Dan Paddock on Mercedes’ breakthrough season.

“Everything – it seems – is in place for Williams to finally make the consistent stride forward that has eluded them since the start of 2005. Never  a team to let history interfere with destiny, there will be no room for excuses, but you’d expect that’s just the way Claire, Pat, Frank and the crew at Grove like it.”

Trent Price tips Williams for success next season.

“Hey all. Have just heard that someone has put a song out saying it’s me..LMAO I’ve never met this girl Ana nor heard of her. #WTF”

Lewis Hamilton denies making his vocal debut on a quite terrible track.

“Some of those questions were ridiculous though! I’ll never remember who set the fastest lap to the Spanish GP (Unless it’s Chilton), I had absolutely no idea “What was notable about the top three finishers in the Italian Grand Prix” – even compared with the right answer I’d still struggle to see the connection, and I doubt 10% of people knew which corner ‘Taxigate’ was at! And I have to make excuses – it’s an F1 quiz.”

Irishman Ben Sweeney toils over our Big Fat Quiz of 2013.

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