Richland F1′s Big Fat F1 Quiz of 2013

With the year coming to a close, we thought that it might be worthwhile taking a look back over the past twelve months of racing action and give you all a devilish quiz to wrap your noggins around. This has in no way spurned from my own frustration over Henry Hope-Frost’s quiz in the Christmas edition of Autosport. No way at all


4. Who is this?

1. Which driver tested for a different team in pre-season than the one he lined up on the grid for in Melbourne?
2. Which team fielded an illegal car during the first test at Jerez due to a wrongly-fitted suspension?
3. Which driver missed one day of the test at the Circuit de Catalunya as he was ‘ill’?
4. Name the driver who had a smokey encounter with the Ferrari F138 in Barcelona.
5. What caused qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix to be postponed until the day of the race?
6. Which unlikely German briefly led the race at Albert Park?
7. Who failed to start the opening round of the season and why?
8. What was unique about the Malaysian Grand Prix in 2013?
9. Besides Multi 21, what was the other team order debate at Sepang, and who was the beneficiary?
10. What caused a distinct lack of running during qualifying for the Chinese Grand Prix?
11. What bad luck befell Ferrari drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa at the Bahrain Grand Prix?
12. Despite starting from pole position for both the Bahrain and Spanish Grands Prix, how many points did Nico Rosberg score in these races?
13. Who set the fastest lap of the race in the Spanish Grand Prix?
14. What mistake cost Mercedes a one-two at the Monaco Grand Prix?
15. An incident between which two drivers at which corner brought out the red flag in Monaco?
16. Which driver scored his final points of the season in Canada?
17. Mark Webber’s efforts in Canada were hampered by a run-in with which backmarker during the race?
18. Valtteri Bottas put in a star performance in qualifying to line up P3 on the grid, but where did he finish?
19. Name the top three qualifiers for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.
20. Which drivers suffered from a tyre failure during the race at Silverstone?
21. Who finished as the top British driver at Silverstone, and in what position?
22. What happened to Jules Bianchi’s Marussia after retiring from the German GP?
23. What saved Mark Webber from going a lap down at the Nurburgring?

23. What saved Mark Webber from going a lap down in Germany?

23. What saved Mark Webber from going a lap down in Germany?

24. How many different tyre strategies were used by the top four finishers in Germany?
25. Who scored their first points of the season at the Hungarian Grand Prix?
26. How many penalties did Romain Grosjean receive across the course of the weekend?
27. Which driver held up Sebastian Vettel, allowing Lewis Hamilton to establish a healthy lead?
28. Which three drivers scored their best results of the season in Hungary?
29. Who nearly scored a surprise pole position at Spa?
30. What caused Kimi Raikkonen to retire from the Belgian Grand Prix?
31. Which group attempted to interrupt the podium proceedings after the race?
32. What was notable about the top three finishers in the Italian Grand Prix?
33. Who briefly ran in second place at the beginning of the race after making a great start?
34. Whose selfie went viral on Twitter after the race?
35. In Singapore, which driver surprisingly dropped out in Q2 of qualifying only to reach the podium?
36. Whose crash brought out the safety car during the race?
37. ‘Taxigate’ took place at which corner on the circuit?
38. Which three vehicles led the Korean Grand Prix?
39. Which driver scored his only points of the season in Japan, and what accolade did it secure him?
40. How big was Sebastian Vettel’s fine for performing donuts at the end of the Indian Grand Prix?
41. Which driver ignored Pirelli’s tyre warnings to finish on the podium at Buddh International Circuit?
42. Why was Kimi Raikkonen excluded from qualifying for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and at which race was Romain Grosjean acquitted for the same discrepancy?
43. How many G did Fernando Alonso reportedly reach when hitting the kerbing on the pit exit?

45. Which driver pictured got a run-out for Toro Rosso during FP1 at Austin?

45. Which driver pictured got a run-out for Toro Rosso during FP1 at Austin?

44. Which former world champion did Lotus unsuccessfully approach to be Kimi Raikkonen’s replacement in the USA?
45. Which two rookies went head-to-head for points in Austin, and who was the victor?
46. Which three reserve drivers got a run-out in Austin during FP1?
47. What mistake nearly cost Red Bull at one-two in Brazil?
48. Who briefly snatched the lead away from Vettel at the beginning of the race?
49. Why was Felipe Massa handed a drive-through penalty during the Brazilian Grand Prix?
50. If Sebastian Vettel was a team on his own, where would he have finished in the constructors’ championship?

Think you know the answers? Click here to see how you did!

Images courtesy of Octane Photographic.

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