Webber tips Vettel for 2014 success

Mark Webber has tipped his former team-mate Sebastian Vettel for title success in 2014 despite the dramatic regulation changes debuting next year.0750LW1D5325

The Aussie, who has left the sport to race for Porsche in the World Endurance Championship and at Le Mans, doesn’t believe the new rules will drop Red Bull down the order, believing they will adapt well to the changes.

He feels that the Milton Keynes-based outfit will start the season “very strongly” and the rules will play to Vettel’s strengths.

“They’re the favourites next year again, Seb’s the favourite for the drivers’ championship,” he told BBC Sport.

“I think they’ll be the favourite for starting the season very, very strongly; which is probably not what people want to hear at home but I think they are going to be very strong.

“It’s an engine category next year more than probably a car/aerodynamic category, which is probably not a bad thing for some people. But I think there will also still be a decent driver input, especially from a brainpower perspective in terms of pacing and managing all the technology the cars are going to have next year which will help Sebastian, that’s right up his alley. Perfect for him.”

Webber’s 12-year stint in F1 came to a close at this year’s Brazilian Grand Prix. When asked to name the best driver he had raced against, he replied: “Probably between Seb and Fernando [Alonso of Ferrari]. You’ve got to pull everything together. It’s hard to say. We’ve had to always tweak our skill-sets, that last part of our profession – Pirellis, refuelling, one-lap qualifying, all that sort of stuff.

“So to try to answer your question, on Sundays Fernando over two hours is a handful. There is no question about that. Over one lap I think he’s not with Seb. But on Sundays between those two it’s very, very tight. Lewis [Hamilton of Mercedes] is handy but probably not quite as much of a machine as those two are. They are literally ‘plug them in and off they go’. They are very, very handy.”

Image courtesy of Octane Photographic

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