Vettel: Double points “absurd”

Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel has branded the recent decision to award double points at the F1 season finale as “absurd,” adding that he doesn’t understand why the rule has been put in place.0733LW1D1965

The FIA announced a number of rule changes on Monday after a meeting of the F1 Strategy Group and Formula 1 Commission in Paris. Permanent numbers, a cost cap, five-second penalties and a cost cap for 2015 were also approved.

Under the new system, winning the 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will be worth 50 points instead of the current reward of 25 for a race victory. 36 will be given to the second place finished, 30 to the driver in third and so on throughout the top 10.

If it was currently in place, the 26-year-old would have lost his title in 2012 to Fernando Alonso. It will be implemented to help prolong the championship fight.

Vettel shared his thoughts on the new rules to Germany’s Sport Bild, saying: “You can hardly imagine that on the last match of the Bundesliga season, matches are suddenly worth twice as many points.

“It’s absurd and it punishes the drivers who have worked hard through the whole season. I value the old traditions in Formula One and don’t understand this rule.”

Meanwhile Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko revealed to the same newspaper that the plan was originally to award double points for the final four races. He added that Red Bull Racing were against the proposal, but they were overruled. “At first it was planned to be awarded double points for the last four races,” he said. “We were against it but our team boss Christian Horner was overruled.”

The double points plan has received largely negative feedback, particularly from fans on social networking sites. For a full look at the regulation changes announced on Monday, have a read of our analysis piece:

Image courtesy of Octane Photographic

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