A hunter with one bullet: Nicolas Hunziker, Fine Artist and Petrolhead


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Perhaps the name Nicolas Hunziker doesn’t yet ring a bell for you. It should, however, and here’s why:  Nic is a fine artist who has taken his craft beyond the canvas.  His love of the “Golden Era”" of motorsports and his passion for speed have spawned a new direction that benefits us all.   Have you noticed all the incredibly cool James Hunt gear that appeared – seemingly out of nowhere – this past summer?  It was not by coincidence that this wearable art found its way to the closets and wardrobes of fellow petrolheads across the globe in time for the release of Ron Howard’s movie RUSH.  In fact, it was down to a lot of hard work, as Hunziker himself explains in our interview.

hun5Q:   With Ron Howard’s movie Rush featuring James Hunt it was important to get the Hunt collection done right and on time.  How challenging was this?  How closely did you work with James’ son, Tom?  Is there more to come from this collection from the Motorsports side?

A:   The James Hunt collection had many challenges, like you mentioned; the release of the movie was a deadline that couldn’t be moved. We worked very closely with Tom Hunt and David Hunt (James’ son and brother, respectively) and they gave us great feedback every step of the way. I think we are looking at more items in this collection, so stay tuned.

Sticking on the topic of James Hunt who is iconic and an important piece of the history of the Formula 1 puzzle, Nic explains why quality is paramount.

Q:   Going back to James Hunt, I have three of your Hunt pieces and the one thing I noticed, especially with the polo and the hat is the level of quality and detail.  The polo itself has good weight and feels like a really high quality garment.  Was it important to you to maintain quality and sacrifice price point?

 A:  Of course, quality is very important. This was also something that was important to the Hunt family; they wanted a high-quality product. We know that there are cheaper products out there but our brand is based on quality. In the North American market, all of our shirts are printed and finished in California. In Europe all of our apparel is manufactured in Europe. The apparel is an extension of my artwork. My paintings aren’t exactly cheap, so they deserve a substantial base.

Is this only the beginning for the Hunziker brand?  With T-Shirts, shoes and even furniture, what else might we look forward to?  I had a few ideas of my own…

Q:   I met with Tommy when he was in Toronto for the launch of RUSH at the Toronto International Film Festival.  I mentioned to Tom that I would love a pair of James Hunt helmet cuff-links.  Have you put much thought into items such as cuff-links, wallets and time pieces?


A:   I haven’t really explored cuff-links but they might be a good idea. We are always looking at new product ideas. With some of these projects, the most challenging part is finding the right partner or brand to work with. I prefer to do these things right. even if it’s a great idea, sometimes it’s better to wait until it can be done with the right people. I don’t believe in rushing a new product to market just to get it there. Anyone can bring a product to market, but doing it right and making it successful is much more challenging. It’s a bit like being a hunter with one bullet: Sometimes you just have to wait until the right shot comes along.

So then, what does Nicolas Hunziker have his sights set on for the future?

Q:   Finally, You’ve been able to create a globally recognized brand; your work is immediately identifiable, what’s next for the Hunziker brand and what ultimately is your goal?

A:   We are actually looking to branch out into a completely new market for our brand. This new area isn’t necessarily a natural extension of our current playing field. Once you see this new product it will make perfect sense. I can’t say more than that for now.

As for my ultimate goal? I don’t think there is a specific milestone that I could identify as the ultimate goal. Things can always be improved upon. We are building a lifestyle brand: art, speed, style, adrenaline and the fumes of motorsports are in our DNA. We are a very young company with big dreams, and with your support we will be able to help people everywhere express themselves and their love for motorsports.

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  1. Which Formula One team did James Hunt first race with? 
  2. In the movie RUSH, who was James Hunt’s main rival? 
  3. Jim Clark died in Hockenheim, Germany, in 1968. In which series was he racing?
  4. What was Steve McQueen’s date of birth?  
  5. What colours are the basis for the iconic livery used by Gulf Racing?

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