Pre-order your tickets for Rush now

Pre-order your tickets for Rush now


RUSHUK residents are now able to pre-order their tickets to see ‘Rush’ in cinemas from September 13th onwards as the excitement surrounding the film begins to grow.

‘Rush’ will depict the epic battle between Niki Lauda and James Hunt for the 1976 Formula One world championship in what is widely regarding as being one of the greatest rivalries that the sport has even seen. Two more different drivers could not have been in the running for the title as Hunt’s playboy antics juxtaposed Lauda’s clinical and reserved character, but on track they were both fierce competitors.

At the half-way stage of the season, the championship appeared to be over as Lauda enjoyed a sizeable lead over Hunt, but an accident that very nearly claimed the Austrian’s life swung the title back in Hunt’s favour. Remarkably, Lauda missed just three races, and the title went down to the wire at the final race of the season in Japan; a story worthy of the big screen.

Directed by Ron Howard (Apollo 13), Rush is due to hit screens in the UK on September 13th.

You can pre-order your tickets on the film’s official Facebook page.

Images courtesy of Rush Movie UK.


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