Introducing Richland F1’s Rising Stars Week

Introducing Richland F1’s Rising Stars Week


0630LW1D2425“Talent”. A subjective word, isn’t it? What defines talent, and makes someone talented, and makes someone else useless? In terms of racing drivers, is someone who is an also-ran but able to broker huge deals more talented than a driver who is accustomed to the taste of champagne but has no money?

Young talent can be hard to spot – in an ideal word, they’re fast, consistent and bring a load of money with them right from the time when they leave a nomex lined womb. In an era where there are more and more drivers and junior series than ever before, picking someone who may just make it into Formula One in a few years’ time can be tricky: do you choose someone who has a background in Formula Reanult, Ginetta Juniors or Formula Ford? And can karting results really tell you that much?

Here at Richland F1 we thought that it was about time we should give the rising stars of our great sport the limelight they so often deserve – and crave. In the coming nine days, we are going to give you a raft of interesting features, interviews and a whole lot more besides. Kicking off with members of Richland F1 being at Brands Hatch over the weekend to report on BRDC F4 and the F3 Cup, and continuing into the following week, our Rising Stars Week is set to show you a few drivers who we – the Richland F1 team – think may just make it to the top of our sport.

So sit back, hold on tight and prepare for a week of content you don’t want to miss, alongside our usual Formula One coverage. It’s going to be a belter.

Image courtesy of Octane Photographic.