Pirelli feel all objectives were met at Young Driver Test

Pirelli feel all objectives were met at Young Driver Test


Pirelli’s Motorsport Director Paul Hembery has said that he thinks all of the suppliers objectives were met at the three-day Silverstone Young Driver Test.0737LW1D2990

The newly changed tyre compounds – which have the 2012 construction and 2013 performance – were put in place due to the tyre blowout’s suffered at the Silverstone circuit during the British Grand Prix last month. The quick reaction has been praised by teams and the majority of race drivers who took to the track during the test – with run-plans supplied by Pirelli – were encouraged by the stability and consistency of the tyre.

Hembery feels confident that all objectives were met over the three days, saying in a statement: “We think that everybody achieved their objectives from these three days of running at Silverstone. From our point of view, we made the most of this opportunity to gather data that will help us best meet the needs of the Formula One teams in the future.”

He also admitted that whilst modern technology like simulators help, the track time was vital to really gain accurate information and data. They thanked the teams – who all took part other than Mercedes – for their cooperation: “While modern-day simulation is extremely advanced, there are some things that you can still only find out from running on a track with a representative car, so we would like to thanks all the teams and the governing body for their cooperation in helping us to achieve this.

“The tyres all ran reliably throughout the three days of the test, although of course you cannot compare the times to those seen in the British Grand Prix because the track conditions and other car parameters were different. The established performance of the 2012 structure, consolidated with the speed of the current compounds, is set to provide an interesting mix of strategies for the races ahead. The teams already have a lot of information about the shape and deformation of this tyre from the previous season, and the three days at Silverstone was useful to access the effect that this will have on the 2013 cars, with positive results.”

344 sets of tyres were brought to Silverstone for the test with 224 being used by teams. The hard and medium tyre compounds were used the most and the intermediate and wet tyres were not needed due to the scorching British weather.

The super-soft compound was not brought but the yellow-banded soft was and the longest run completed on that tyre was 11 laps. 16 laps was the longest run on the mediums with 17 and 18 laps being set on the hard and prototype hard compounds respectively.

All three top times from the day – Magnussen on day one, Ricciardo on day two and Vettel on day three – were set on the medium compounds with Ricciardo’s day two lap being the only one of the three set on used rubber.

Image courtesy of Octane Photographic